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Hair Care

Keeping your hair in good health is the number one way to achieve a "low maintenance" style. The worst hair styles are ones that look frizzy and unhealthy. It is possible to style your hair so as to hide damage and give the illusion of health, but if you require a low maintenance style, it is better to keep your hair in a shiny, healthy condition.

Split ends do not mend, they continue to split up the hair shaft and break off along the way. Test your hair by comparing the thickness of your ponytail at the ends with the thickness at the root. Hair that has experienced breakage will be thinner at the ends. The 2 things that you can do to control split ends are:
1. Prevent them-keep your hair properly conditioned
2. Stop them-cut just the ends off your hair regularly

Skin Care

Soaps, as we know them, were first used about 600 BC by the Phoenicians who combined goat fat, water, and potassium carbonate ash to form a solid soap. More recently, in 1878, Harley Procter developed a soap in collaboration with his cousin, James Gamble. They produced a soap by whipping air into a soap solution, this resulted in Ivory Soap, which is still used today.

Cleansing of the skin helps the skin to maintain a healthy, attractive looking, surface. It removes dust, perspiration, and some of the breakdown products of sebum. Makeup can also be removed.

Foreign substances such as dirt will mix with the oil of the skin and become embedded. Water is inadequate to remove this. Soaps will be used to decrease the oil on the surface of the skin removing the dirt at the same time.

Soaps are essentially made of salts of fatty acids. The most commonly used fats come from animal and vegetable sources and include stearic acid, palmitic, oleic, as well as lauric. Soap particles will coat the fat droplets in which dirt is embedded and then will allow these to be removed by water.

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